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Mind Control- During World War II, various government around the world implemented techniques of mental confusion and manipulation to get enemy combatants to cooperate, and often times betray their counties

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Mind Control Brain Washing has been popularized by movies such as the Manchurian Candidate, which depicts a person whose behavior can be completely controlled as a result of extensive psychological manipulation through long hours of training and experimentation. The ability to create a spy who becomes a complete zombie who loses all sense of himself may or may not be exaggerated, as we are not truly privy to the government’s capabilities in this regard. But on a basic level, brain washing and mind control are real, with real world effects. They have been used extensively, especially by groups such as cults and governments around the world.

For centuries cults have practiced mind control brain washing techniques and still today this continues around the world. There is an estimated five thousand political, economical as well as religious groups that operate in the US alone that have around two and a half million members and over the decades cults have used mind control tactics to negatively impact billions of people worldwide. Cults have gained momentum and are still gaining more as more and more people are being lured into them. Victims of cults are not just young naive people, or those who are uneducated. Cults also hook in older people who have families of their own. There are many examples of this behavior. One need look no further than the story of Jim Jones, the preacher who led a group of hundreds of followers to commit a mass suicide in Guyana.

During World War II, various government around the world implemented techniques of mental confusion and manipulation to get enemy combatants to cooperate, and often times betray their counties. The Chinese were particular adept at this. Through getting soldiers to make minor criticisms of their country, they slowly manipulated them into making larger ones step by step, in the process brain washing them into being more and more in line with the Communist ideology. This process is outlined in Robert Cialdini’s book on the Psychology of Persuasion if you want to learn more about it.

Mind control brain washing happens on when a partner manipulates the other partner into doing whatever they desire and it is also very prevalent in the workplace where managers manipulate their colleges. Governments manipulate their subjects and the list just goes on.

These manipulative techniques are used to control the subject’s opinions, actions, and their state of mind. These techniques could be words or language that are used in a repetitive manner, visual stimuli, as well as deprivation of basic human needs such as sleep deprivation, money and food. This is done in a way that the subject is not even aware that their subconscious mind is being manipulated.

Any person that has been exposed to long term repetitive emotional abuse eventually succumbs to severe psychological damage which could result in the person living in fear for the rest of their lives. You can see the effects if you’ve ever seen a victim of an abusive relationship who remains fiercely loyal. Mind control brain washing is an orchestrated process of exploitative psychological manipulation and displays the mental disorders caused by this type of method.

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